Vision and Values

DELACOUR is an international, business-oriented law firm

Our clients are primarily Danish and foreign companies and public authorities.

We cover all advisory needs, and our services are rendered in compliance with the needs of our clients. Our relationship with our clients - both existing and new - is built on a clear position on our responsibility, role and contribution as advisors.

Our values

Our relations with our clients - existing as well as new ones - are based on a clear perception of our responsibility, role and contribution as advisors:

Ambitious throughout
We do not believe in half-hearted solutions. It is fundamental to our professional pride and credibility that we deliver first-class, competent and professional services - every time.

We are there when you need us
Advice is only useful to the client, if it, in addition to being thorough, is provided fast. You can therefore always get in touch with us, and we respond quickly.

We create value…
If we challenge you, we do it to get a different perspective on the case.
Commercial understanding is about seeing a case from different angles. It is part of being result and solution-oriented in a value-creating manner.

... that is tailored to your needs
We believe that we have empathy and tact and the experience and professional insight that enable us to understand your needs. That is why you will always get advice that is tailored to your needs and requirements.

We tell it like it is!
As a client, you can always be sure to get honest and sincere advice from DELACOUR - even if it is not what you had hoped for. Because we are not here to tell you what you like to hear.

But we are always on your side
You have hired us to perform a specialist task, and we offer our experience, knowledge and commitment to provide security for you throughout the process.