Forced sale

DELACOUR is involved in forced sale of all types of property by public auction on behalf of our clients, and we assist private persons and companies in obtaining the best result in connection with the acquisition of property by public auction. 

Acquiring property by public auction, it is important to realize:

  • The size of maximum bid to be made at the auction
  • The cash need by a given bid, including the costs payable in addition to the bid,
  • Security to be provided to fulfill the auction, in case of being the highest bidder
  • Whether mortgages on the property can and must be taken over, if such mortgages obtain coverage by the bid in question,  
  • Whether the property contains hidden surprises by way of easements or, for instance, liabilities towards lessees,  
  • How to act in case of alternative announcement or new auction
  • How to fulfill the auction if one becomes the highest bidder, including whether immediate registration of title is needed, or whether it must be postponed.

We also have extensive knowledge of and experience with special auction law issues as for instance VAT issues, mortgagee accounts, uneven encumbrances of property and mortgaged property.