General debt collection

DELACOUR has an efficient and dynamic debt collection team with many years of experience. It is our goal to be the best within the area in Denmark with the highest possible percentage recovery rate for the benefit of our clients.

It is our basic understanding that the cases must be handled in a way which appears consistent and fair to the individual debtor with focus on compliance with applicable law. All this ensures our clients the highest recovery rate within the framework of the legislation. 

We assist a wide range of clients - ranging from large industrial firms to small business owners - in collecting their outstanding accounts as efficiently and cost-conscious as possible. 

Regardless of whether collection is made by letter, telephone or before a court of law by submission of a notification of claim or issue of writ, we are competent and provide qualified advice to our clients at competitive prices.

We also administer instalment plans and credit monitoring, so that relevant steps can be taken, if the debtor makes money.