Board duties

Several partners and lawyers of DELCOUR DANIA are often used members of boards of directors - often as chairmen - of businesses and corporations.

As board members, it is our ambition to add value by assuming a joint responsibility for any developments of the company by a regular and business-oriented focus on strategy and strategic issues and efforts.  

Our educational background and professional experience make it natural for us to challenge the level of ambition of a company, to act as a sparring partner to the management and to take a joint responsibility for the company's compliance in a broad sense, so that rules and legislation go together.
In our capacity of chairmen, we manage the board work and act as the liaison between the management and the board of directors. We strive to ensure full utilization of competence and experience. We prepare for board meetings together with the management. It is our ambition to develop and improve the board work in a constant and dynamic process and to continuously ensure that the board work adds value. We focus on the "broad" competences of the board of directors and that proper succession strategies have been prepared. As chairmen we often handle the contact to the press in so far as strategic and political issues are concerned, and we often participate in meetings with accountants, financial institutions, customers and other important partners. We also take steps to - and manage - a frequent evaluation of the competences and work methods of the board of directors.

Those of our partners and lawyers, who are being used as board members and chairmen, all have a comprehensive commercial and strategic understanding, and some are former managers of large companies.

Several of our partners and lawyers are often used lecturers and teachers in subjects relating to board work.