Arbitration proceedings and international arbitration

Arbitration is the alternative to ordinary courts. Issues are decided faster by arbitration than by a court of law, and arbitration is therefore often used in commercial disputes and in disputes where a fast - and not publicly available - decision is of special importance. 

Our experienced litigators assist with relevant considerations prior to and in connection with the formation of arbitration agreements. We also assist in the conduct of arbitration proceedings, if and when the disputes arise. 

Through our extensive experience and international network you will, as our client, obtain the best advice during the arbitration proceedings. We have in-depth knowledge of many industries and therefore the best possible access to the facts of the case and commercial reality. 

Arbitration is applied not least in the building sector, where the Building and Construction Arbitration Board in Copenhagen is an important factor. 

Within other special areas, arbitration is used as ad hoc or institutional arbitration - for instance at the Danish Arbitration Institute Danish Arbitration, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) or at many other arbitration institutes worldwide. 

Regardless of the legal area concerned and which arbitration institute is competent to hear the case, we advise you at the highest professional level at all stages and on all aspects of the case.