Banking law

DELACOUR has considerable experience in the provision of advice within all aspects of banking law. 

We render advice in connection with the establishment of financial institutions.

We also assist banks in the submission of bids for the acquisition of activities, including branch offices, and complete the transactions, and advise in connection with the assignment of bank commitments. Within the past years in particular, we have been involved in a number of takeovers of banking activities acquired by the Financial Stability Company.

We provide banks and companies with analyses of complex bank commitments, including advice in connection with non-performing loans, and manage reconstructions in this respect.

Our advisory services further include the drafting of prospects in connection with issues of shares within the banking sector.

Our advice also covers the traditional aspects of banking law, such as: 

  • loan documents
  • bank guarantees
  • surety
  • assignments and all other types of guarantee provisions in connection with bank commitments. 

We also draw up legal opinions on all aspects of banking law.