Leasing of cars, boats, industrial machinery, construction equipment, etc. to private persons and business owners is an area that has developed rapidly during the past years.

Leasing is a complex area of the law, and it may be of decisive importance, if the lease agreement is defective or contains provisions that may lead to unintended or disadvantageous results. It is therefore important that the contractual basis is correct.    

Through our advice to a number of the largest players in the leasing market, DELACOUR has acquired knowledge and knowhow in the area, which enables us to solve any situation that may arise.

Our experienced lawyers advise in all matters ranging from advice on the most advantageous type of lease agreement (flex, operating or financial) in a given situation to the drafting of the necessary agreement documents.

DELACOUR is also experienced within sub-leasing and provides value-adding advice on complex lease arrangements.

Our lawyers also offer advisory services to lessors on the special lease law issues that may arise in relation to reconstruction and thereby safeguard the lessor's legal rights in the best manner. 

Leasing can be a complex matter when it comes to compliance with applicable rules on VAT and direct and indirect taxes. As a result of our long experience in leasing matters, we are able to offer competent and value-adding advice in the field.