Disputes under the law of sales

No matter how much attention the parties to a deal pay to the law, it often happens that a dispute arises, after conclusion of the deal, about whether the horse concerned or other aspects of the deal conform with the contract. Such disputes are settled by the ordinary courts or arbitration tribunals.  

In all fora and concerning all types of horses, DELACOUR has extensive experience in assisting the buyer, seller or the advisors that are often involved in these cases. We fully know and understand the veterinary world, the agricultural frame and the horse riding environment and have throughout the years gained much experience and knowhow in this particular field.

Not least horses are more often traded cross-border, and we possess the special legal knowledge required in this respect. When you choose DELACOUR as your advisor, you will also gain access to our extensive network of competent legal and veterinary partners abroad, which we have built up through a thorough selection process and previous cases.