Damages in contact and non-contract

We offer our clients solution-oriented and professional advice within all tort law matters. This particular competence has built up over many years of practical experience in handling the interests of our clients through dedicated advice and conduct of a large number of court and arbitration cases.

Any particular tort law issue that may arise in connection with for instance damage during transit, construction law matters or infringements of intellectual property rights is handled by our specialists within these areas or in close cooperation with our tort law specialists.   

Our experts within tort and insurance law work closely together with our transport law experts. On a daily basis - 24/7 - they provide advice to our clients in cases concerning liability during transport due to delay, loss or damage to goods being transported by road, ship, air or rail. We are available when the damage occurs and good advice is needed. 

Our experts in construction law also have in-depth knowledge of all tort and insurance law aspects of project and construction law issues.