Eastern European legal matters

DELACOUR has many years' experience in Eastern Europe, where we typically assist our clients in cooperation with local law firms.

We have chosen this model in order to provide our clients with the best results by combining our Danish pragmatic and systematic approach and experience with the local law firms' detailed knowledge of local legislation and practice, network and influence on local decision-makers. 

DELACOUR and the client will typically define the relevant problems and wishes together for an analysis of the means necessary to solve and obtain such wishes. It often turns out that the typical Scandinavian lack of orthodoxy towards the tasks entrusted to us by the clients leads to the conclusion that the client must choose another solution than initially contemplated.  

When performing the task entrusted to us locally, it is further our experience that knowledge and respect of cultural differences, and a reality which in many ways differs from the one in Denmark, are important - and often neglected - preconditions for the achievement of satisfactory results.

Our advisory services in Eastern Europe mainly cover establishment, project development and acquisition of and merger with existing companies, but also within most other areas of commercial law, including cases concerning collection and securing of outstanding amounts as well as cooperation with local partners.

We prefer to take part in the commercial negotiations to obtain an optimal solution to our client, and in order to avoid the cultural and legal pitfalls that often prevent it. To avoid subsequent disputes, we prefer to draw up the contract and to be project coordinators in connection with obtaining relevant documentation.  

Apart from being result and solution-oriented advisors to our clients, DELACOUR participates as a constructive project manager at all stages and in a close dialogue with the client and any other advisors - especially accountants, financial advisors, consultants and local employees.