Faroese legal matters

At the Faroe Islands, DELACOUR is represented by Faroe Law with office in the centre of Tórshavn.

Faroe Law targets the Faroese and foreign business sector in need of advice on Faroese business conditions.

As the only Faroese law firm, Faroe Law also has the possibility of offering international legal services at a high professional level through the cooperation with DELACOUR.

Specialists within Faroese legal matters
All employees at Faroe Law are able to and have wide experience in rendering advice to companies, ministries and public authorities at the Faroe Islands concerning Faroese legal conditions. For many years, Faroe Law has also advised foreign companies on Faroese legal matters, including tax law as well as oil and gas law.

All employees at Faroe Law speak Faroese, English and the Scandinavian languages and have wide experience in company related legal matters at the Faroe Islands. Our legal advisory services include:

  • Company law
  • Direct and indirect taxes
  • Insolvency law
  • Contract law
  • Telecommunication
  • Sports
  • Public law

For questions concerning our services and advice within Faroese legal matters, please contact Faroe Law, either via DELACOUR or by phone +298 669900 or e-mail faroe-law@faroe-law.fo. Further information is available at www.faroe-law.fo.