Greenlandic legal matters

In Greenland, DELACOUR is represented by Nuna Law Firm which is Greenland's leading law firm. Nuna Law Firm has more than 40 years' experience in the special conditions that apply in Greenland - legally, practically and culturally.

Nuna Law Firm is known as the serious, committed and attentive advisor to both the business community and private persons who are in need of competent legal assistance within Greenlandic and/or Danish legislation.

We want to make a difference - not only when it comes to the results we create for our clients, but also in the way we treat our clients and their cases. Nuna Law Firm's main focus is corporate advice and corporate law, and we represent some of Greenland's leading companies - both public and private. At the same time, we also wish to be a part of society, and we therefore assist private clients - though to a small extent - in cases of a social character as well as in criminal cases.

If a case or an assignment requires further resources, the expertise and the competences within DELACOUR's network are exploited, so that each client is ensured optimum advice and case attendance.

Advisor to foreign companies
In addition to the case handling for Greenlandic clients, Nuna Law Firm also acts as an advisor to Danish and foreign companies having interests in Greenland, especially within the mineral, oil and gas exploration and extraction business as well as the building and construction sector, including in connection with licence rights and the formation of contracts and companies.

Nuna Law firm can be contacted via DELACOUR and by e-mail to or telephone (+299) 32 13 70. Calling directly, the time difference should be borne in mind; Greenland is 4 hours behind Denmark, so calls should be placed after 12.00 Danish time. Further information about Nuna Law Firm is available at