Life Sciences

The Health and Life Sciences Industries are highly regulated industries. Companies within pharma, medtech, food and biotech are at the forefront of innovation, but at the same time the object of strict regulation and control. Bringing better health and safety to patients requires ever-increasing investments into R&D as well as marketing.

The pressure from competitors and 
payers to be simultaneously innovative, safe, and cost-effective pervades. Curiosity has always been a key motivator for the life sciences industries to bring about better and more innovative solutions – in science, in marketing, and in compliance.


We are curious
At DELACOUR we are curious too. This means we know the life sciences industries. Having worked closely for many years with international life science companies in the Nordic market we know the challenges you face. We know the law and we understand the business. We work closely with both multinational and local companies to protect IP, to secure full compliance with marketing laws, data protection, and competition law. We know the local distribution systems and we understand the scale of your efforts before a product ever reaches the market.

But we want to know more about your company. Therefore, working with DELACOUR means working with an experienced partner, who will help you and challenge you at the same time. But first of all - we care about your business.

If you are curious – book a meeting with us. We would like to know your business.

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