Intellectual property rights

It is DELACOUR's ambition to be second to none as regards advice on intellectual property rights.

Our ambition is based on long-standing and wide experienceon all aspects of intellectual property rights, including:

  • Registration of trade markes
  • Dispute resolution of any kind
  • Formation of contracts
  • Risk management and due diligence

It is characteristic of DELACOUR's advice that our deep, professional insight into the area will not stand alone, but always go hand in hand with considerable commercial insight and an understanding of the sectors, where legal questions concerning intellectual property rigths arise, for instance pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, design, entertainment and media. 

Cases concerning intellectual property rights often have an international element, and when you choose DELACOUR as your advisor, you will gain access to our extensive network of competent partners abroad, which we have built up through a thorough selection process and previous cases. 

DELACOUR earns high recognition in leading international publications. You can read the mention of DELACOUR in Legal 500.

Protection and enforcement of intellectual property rigths

With DELACOUR as your sparring partner, you will obtain efficient and value-adding advice on company strategy to protect and enforce intellectual property rights. 

It is a core competence of DELACOUR to handle any dispute concerning all kinds of intellectual property rights, including patents, utility models, copyright, trade marks and domain names as well as cases concerning copying under the Marketing Practices Act. 

With DELACOUR as your advisor you will feel safe all the way from the initial choice of the most effective strategy to enforce your intellectual property rights to the closing of the case.

Contracts concerning intellectual property rights
DELACOUR has extensive experience in negotiating and drafting all types of agreements covering intellectual property rights, including research and development, licence, agency, distribution and franchise agreements. 

Risk management and due diligence

DELACOUR continuously advises Danish and foreign clients on due diligence processes in relation to intellectual property rights. 

We also draw up enforcement strategies and perform risk management tailored to the needs and requirements of the individual company.