Wills and succession

Gain control of your private law affairs
At a point in your life, you will, as most other private persons, be in need of specialists to handle your affairs concerning will and succession.   

DELACOUR's specialists in the field will assist you in all family law matters - both when it comes to wills and separate property. You can also obtain advice that ensures smooth succession to your children.


You and your partner
We are good sparring partners for you and your partner being unmarried cohabitants and in the process of starting a family and creating, often complicated, financial relations. The life of unmarried cohabitants often resembles that of married couples, but unmarried cohabitants are not protected by the same rules as spouses.

It may be difficult to find your way round the jungle of rules on benefit in connection with pension and insurance, financial position and the importance of tax affairs. So let us help you on the way and create a solid foundation for your relationship. 

An important document that you and your part should have drawn up is a mutual will, which ensures that the surviving partner will not be forced out of your home.


When death occurs in your family, we are ready to assist you with advice on the administration of the estate, which will often be of significance to any division and tax matters.