How we assist contracting entities

If you are a contracting entity, the DELACOUR experts in public procurement law may assist you with the following, amongst others: 

  • Planning the procurement process
  • Assessing the procurement market
  • Conducting the preliminary dialogue with bidders
  • Conducting the technical dialogue with bidders
  • Determining the appropriate procurement strategy
  • Assessing options for negotiating with bidders
  • Advertising the invitation to tender
  • Determining the appropriate selection criteria
  • Determining the appropriate allocation criteria
  • Determining the appropriate evaluation method
  • Determining the appropriate evaluation model
  • Determining requirements and technical specifications
  • Preparing the contract(s) and general terms and conditions
  • Carrying out quality assessment of tender documentation
  • Prequalifying bidders
  • Evaluating tenders
  • Assessing procurement compliance
  • Handling disclaimers
  • Negotiating with bidders
  • Handling notices to produce records for inspection
  • Advising on issues relating to the Danish Public Records Act
  • Handling complaints before the Public Contracts Appeals Board and the Courts
  • Handling amendments to the contract(s)

Our advice is based in our expert knowledge of public procurement law. However, we also have extensive experience in project management and managing invitations to tender on behalf of contracting entities.

We would also be happy to assist in the subsequent contract management.

You can read more in this mini guide for contracting entities: