Construction law

DELACOUR provides advice to developers, building contractors, engineers and architects. Our clients include many Danish and foreign companies. In connection with project development, we usually become involved in the initial phase. In recent years, we have acted as advisors on a number of projects in the Orestad.

Our advice includes:

  • Negotiation on and preparation for project development agreements, building contracts and agreements with technicians
  • Negotiation on project financing and preparation of financing documentation
  • Provision of guarantees
  • Changes to the agreement basis (e.g. issues concerning changes made free of charge or right to additional payment)
  • Issues relating to supervision, handover, delay and defects
  • insurance (all-risk, liability etc.)
  • Isolated taking of evidence concerning potential defects
  • Mediation
  • Settlement of disputes before the Danish Building and Construction Arbitration Court, other arbitration tribunals or the courts. 

Assisted by our specialists within company and tax law, we also advise our clients on the structuring of development projects, including choice of corporate form, establishment of group structures etc.

In connection with PPP (public-private partnership) projects and projects involving contracts with public authorities in general, we work closely with our tender specialists.