Environmental law

Today, environmental law is subject to a very broad regulation in the form of legislation and a large number of statutory orders, circulars and guidance notes. 

DELACOUR has strong competences within environmental law and renders advice on a continuous basis to public authorities, companies and private persons on all aspects of environmental law.

For many years, DELACOUR has worked exhaustively with the environmental law area that relates to real property. We therefore have a thorough knowledge of the crucial and extensive regulation connected with that part of the environmental law. We advice at specialist level on, inter alia, the regulation that concerns the application of real property. 

In addition to advice on environmental matters, we also conduct many court cases concerning environmental law issues, particularly concerning restrictions and interpretation of the provisions contained in the Danish Protection of Nature Act. The Protection of Nature Act contains rules that restrict the possibility of, for instance, changing the conditions of areas situated within special protection zones.

Environmental law is in constant development, and at DELACOUR, we monitor the area and seek to contribute to influence the developments as far as possible.