Housing cooperatives

DELACOUR are specialists within the legislation on housing cooperatives and are therefore able to assist in all matters that relate to housing cooperatives, including

  • Purchase and sale of housing cooperatives
  • Establishment of a housing cooperative  
  • Housing cooperatives' acquisition of property
  • Running of housing cooperatives and the property, including maintenance and improvement of the property as well as rebuilding, etc.
  • Registration of and amendments to bylaws
  • Advice to cooperatives on the sale of the property and winding-up of the cooperative
  • Disputes between the members or between a member and the cooperative

On the basis of our wide experience with the legislation on housing cooperatives, we at DELACOUR are able to advise both private persons on the purchase of a housing cooperative and the housing cooperative itself in connection with the acquisition of property as well as establishment of a cooperative and the subsequent legal issues that may arise in this respect.