Purchase and sale of detached houses and owner-occupied flats

DELACOUR has a specialist team of lawyers who handle cases about the purchase and sale of detached houses, owner-occupied flats, plots and cooperative dwellings. Our specialists have in-depth knowledge of all legal aspects of these matters, both with respect to existing property and new buildings. At DELACOUR, you will obtain extensive advice on matters that are of importance to your purchase or sale.

We offer complete consulting services that include the following legal aspects, among other things:

  • Review of the purchase agreement and the documents of the property
  • Effects of the transaction on your personal finances
  • Price and fitness for use
  • Right of cancellation and right of lawyer's reservations
  • Insurance matters, including the possibility of taking out home warranty insurance
  • Energy label and environmental issues
  • Financing, tax and hedging
  • Review of easements, charges and encumbrances
  • Review of accounts and regulations
  • Drafting and registration of conveyance and any mortgages
  • Tax optimization of the transaction and mortgaging

We provide advice in a way that is easy to understand, and we carefully ensure that our advice fulfills your wishes and needs.

We are members of the Association of Danish Property Lawyers.