DELACOUR provides advisory services on tax issues, often in close cooperation with specialists within our other business areas, where tax advice is an integrated part of the overall solution. 

Our tax law experts conduct cases concerning direct and indirect taxes before the administrative authorities, the ordinary courts, and the European Court of Justice. 

Our tax experts advise on, among others: 

  • Tax advice in connection with structuring of company establishments, including choice of corporate form
  • Tax advice in connection with mergers and acquisitions and investment broking
  • Restructurings by way of mergers, demergers, exchange of shares, transfer of assets and company restructuring
  • Tax issues in connection with succession
  • Reorganisations
  • Taxation of company and shareholders, including joint taxation
  • International tax law, including double taxation
  • Tax process in connection with the conduct of cases in the complaints system and before the courts
  • Structuring, establishment and implementation of incentive schemes