Cookies & Personel Data

Processing of personal data

DELACOUR Limited partnership law company complies at any time with the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data (in Danish:Persondataloven) and other relevant legislation in connection with the use of the website.


What data is processed by DELACOUR?

DELACOUR processes the following data on our website:

Personal data typed in via the website
For instance names, contact details, including e-mail addresses and telephone numbers.

Data on your use of the website (history)
DELACOUR processes data on the parts of the website you visit, as such data is collected in so-called log files together with your IP address and stored on you own terminal equipment, as for instance PC or smartphone, by way of cookies.



DELACOUR's use of your data

DELACOUR will use your data to supply and optimise the requested services and to adjust the website to your actual needs, for instance by automatic filling-in of blanks so that they match your profile. The data is also used for statistics.

DELACOUR always obtains your consent before we contact you via the website in connection with for instance marketing, unless it appears from legislation that we are authorised to contact you without prior consent.



DELACOUR's processing of your data

Storage of processed data
The processed personal data, including e-mail addresses and other contact details, will be stored as long as necessary considering the purpose of such processing.

Access to data
DELACOUR will never disclose your data to others, unless you have consented to such disclosure specifically, or in case of business partners, who supply services to DELACOUR DANIA.



Use of cookies

Data on your visits to the website will be stored on your terminal equipment, such as for instance PC or smartphone, by way of cookies.

A cookieis a text file sent to your browser by DELACOUR's website and stored in the cookies directory on you computer. You can check and update your cookies settings, and you can also change your browser settings so that you never store cookies. For more information, please refer to this guide (in danish):

If you reject cookies, certain functions and features on this website may not work properly.

DELACOUR makes use of cookies for technical functionality, for example for share-buttons, displaying forms and for measuring traffic and usage statistics. The purpose is to optimise your user experience.

Cookies are automatically deleted after a certain amount of time (varies), but their expiry date is renewed for each visit on our website. For more specific information about the cookies used on this website, see this table.

By visiting DELACOUR's website, you have accepted the use of cookies in compliance with the above guidelines.



Your rights

As a registered user of DELACOUR's website, you have the following basic rights under the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data:

The right of access
You may at any time inquire whether your personal data is being processed by DELACOUR, and, if so, what data is processed about you via the website, the purpose of such processing and to whom such data may be disclosed.

Access to rectification of processed data
You may at any time object against the processing of your data.

The first time you visit DELACOUR's website, you will be asked to accept that cookies are used in accordance with the stipulated guidelines.



If you have any questions as to DELACOUR's processing (as controller) of your data on our website, how such data is processed or other questions in this regard, please contact

DELACOUR Limites partnership law company
Lille Torv 6
8000 Aarhus C