Ukrainian Desk

Our Ukrainian Desk is headed by Thomas Salicath, who has more than 25 years' experience in the countries that were previously part of the Soviet Union, including especially Ukraine, where we are represented with own offices in shared office facilities with local law firms. Since 2008, we have thus had own office in Kiev in cooperation with the team of lawyers of Marchenko Danevych law firm.

Apart from Ukraine, we have also provided advisory services in relation to a number of cases in the Baltics and Bulgaria - also in cooperation with local law firms.

We have chosen this model in order to provide our clients with the best results by combining our Danish pragmatic and systematic approach and experience with the local Marchenko Danevych's detailed knowledge of local legislation and practice, network and influence on local decision-makers.

DELACOUR and the client will typically define the relevant problems and wishes together for an analysis of the means necessary to solve such problems and obtain such wishes. It often turns out that the typical Scandinavian lack of orthodoxy towards the task entrusted to us by the client leads to the conclusion that the client must choose another solution than initially contemplated. 

As part of our assistance, we are able to provide apostille services for documents, translation and interpretation during negotiations, etc. 

Our clients will further benefit from our many Russian speaking lawyers in Denmark as well as Danish and English speaking lawyers in Kiev.