Anders Boserup Lauridsen

Attorney Aarhus
Business area
  • Collection of debts
  • Leasing
  • Financing
  • Litigation
Right of audience
  • High Court, 2016


Anders primarily works within the legal areas of finance and insolvency and is experienced in handling, amongst others, the repossession of financed assets, providing advice on contracts regulating different types of financing of moveable property and conducting litigated disputes based in the legislation governing aspects of finance.

Moreover, Anders has detailed knowledge of sureties, guarantees and supporting declarations and how, in accordance with these declarations, creditors protect their legal positions in the best possible way. In this connection, Anders has conducted a number of cases concerning contracts of guarantee, amongst others on the issue of the distinction between commercial and private guarantees, on the extent of guarantees as well as on the extent of the duty on the part of financial institutions to provide advice in connection with obtaining guarantees. Finally, Anders gives presentations to financial institutions, amongst others, on the provision of guarantees.

Anders has an all-round knowledge of general, commercial issues, and Anders often conducts litigated matters in this field.



Exchange student at South Texas College of Law, Texas, 2011 Master of Laws, Aarhus University, 2013 Admitted, 2016



Repayment of subordinated loan capital – including through set-off, 2013, Forlaget Boggruppen


Positions of trust

Anders is Chairman of 'Yngre jurister' in Aarhus.

A member of the Danish Association of Litigation Attorneys